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The word Reiki comes from the Japanese and it translates as “Universal Life Energy”
Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that works by balancing a persons energy system or chakras, and stimulates the body’s own  natural ability to self-healing. 
Reiki will help to remove blockages in the energy system opening energy channels and ensure a positive connection to the Universal Life Energy, everything around us has this energy, rocks, metal, plants, water, air and every living thing specially us humans as it is essential for a well-being.
Every part of our body (every system with in our self needs this energy and we naturally gather it every time we breath and specially when we are sleep) but many aspects of our daily lives (stress, berrevment, anxiety, etc.) can leave us short of it so having a Reiki treatment is a way to  supplement it. 
A therapist has been trained to focus on this gentle energy and allow it to flow through them and out of the therapist’s hands.
During a Reiki treatment the therapist will place his or her hands on or just above the recipient body and allow the Reiki to flow while the recipient lies comfortable on the therapists treatment couch (fully clothed) and Reiki goes where it is needed, our body or energy system decides where to best use it; Reiki therapists are not healers they are just conductors offering a link to the energy your body will control the amount of energy it takes and where it sends it for best use or most needed.
A Reiki treatment takes about and hour and people found them to be relaxing and comforting.
Reiki can help at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Reiki has a wide range of benefits.
Helping to relief or alleviate:
Gives deep relaxation
Kick states own body natural healing ability.   
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