Pheysey - Holistic
Indian Head Massage
Price  30  minutes   £30.00
Indian Head Massage balances the body, relieves
 pressure and soothes away tension, so we can
 breathe, stand and move freely. An Indian massage
 is a most soothing and relaxing treatment.
A complete treatment involves the face, scalp, neck,
shoulders, upper back and upper arms areas and it
 lasts approximately 30 minutes.  
Potential benefits can include:
Increased energy levels
Improved circulation
Improved hair condition
Reduced Stress
More efficient removal of impurities and toxins
a general feeling of well-being
 It can also help with:
 Anxiety/ Stress
Mental tiredness
Tension headaches
Neck & Shoulder stiffness
History of Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage was originally developed for
 use on the head only; and existed in India for
thousands of years as partes of family grooming
designed to stimulate the head and improve hair
growth and health.
Women have been massaging different oils such as
 coconut, sesame, olive oil and many others into the
 scalp in order to maintain their hair in beautiful
Indian barbers develop their own techniques, a
 more stimulating and invigorating massage to
revitalise and energised their clients, that was
 passed on from barber to barber for generations.
In the west, Indian Head Massage has recently
 become popular and today it has been westernised
 to include other parts of the body vulnerable to
stress such as the shoulders, upper arms, arms,
hands, neck and face, this way the treatment
becomes more of a stress management treatment as
all these areas have a strong connection to the head.
Many people find Indian Head Massage a convenient
 form of treatment to receive as there is no need to
 undress, the techniques used are quick and
effective and clients with special needs
(a heavily pregnant client, or a client in a
wheelchair) may receive treatment with the
minimum fuss.
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