Pheysey - Holistic
Combined Treatments

1:15 hrs.  £30.00
Indian Head Massage & Reflexology
Indian Head Massage  & Reiki
Reflexology  & Reiki.
1.30 hrs   £35.00
                                    Back Massage  & Reflexology
                                  Back Massage  & Reiki
Facial Massage Combined Treatments

Single Combination  1:30 hrs.     £35.00

With Indian Head Massage or
With Reflexology or
With Reiki or
With Back massage

Double Combination  1:45  hrs.  £40.00

with Indian Head Massage &  Reflexology or
With Indian Head Massage & Reiki or
With Reflexology & Reiki or
With Back Massage & Reflexology or
With Back Massage & Reiki

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